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Hello :) My name is Tricia and I am 21 year old Disney Nerd. The blog's focus is on Disney but there are some fandom surprises thrown in as well!
My Disney dream is to be an employee at the happiest place on earth!
Hope you enjoy this blog and keep spreading the Disney love <3

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Peter Pan’s Captain Hook dances with Tinkerbell
Dancin’ with Disney
Hollywood Land, California Adventure

This little Tink was shy and walked in circles around him before he took a deep bow, grabbed her hand and twirled her around! If only my crappy pictures did the moment justice.

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Should I? No. Here I go.

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Disney Characters Getting Stuck

Sorry if I missed your favorite ones.

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Live-action reference for Sleeping Beauty

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7 Days of Color&#160;: Week 4!
Part One 
Part Two: Yellow


7 Days of Color : Week 4!

Part One 

Part Two: Yellow

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x Girly X Personal X Rosy X Advice Blog x


x Girly X Personal X Rosy X Advice Blog x

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I’m so happy this picture exists


I’m so happy this picture exists

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